Computer Science (IT)

Program description

The technology details you learn today may not be the details you will need to know tomorrow. The program offers a comprehensive, structured approach to preparing students for career success and graduate education by combining disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth with supplemental skills education and extra-curricular elements. With this background, students will be prepared to grow along with technology.

  • Program duration: 8 semesters

  • Credits: 120 Credits / 240 ECTS

  • Tuition fee: 13,500,000 per semester

  • Scholarships: academic excellence (see Scholarships)

  • Admission requirements: Math (at least 40%), IELTS 5.5 or above (see Admission)

  • Transfer: application-based (see Transition to AU )

Program Content

The courses are supported with tutorials and labs, in which students profit from intensive mentorship. This is how, for example, they may acquire or expand their programming skills. Previous knowledge of programming languages is recommended but not required. Excellent knowledge of the English language is essential.

In here, we are molding our students into expert Computer Scientists, who will be able to pursue any of the sub-fields that the Computational Technology has to offer.

Whether you see yourself as a future web developer, mobile applications developer, machine learning engineer, or any other professional in the field adjacent to CS, our program has everything that meets your needs as a student.

The following five directions are essential for any student of our Computer Science program:

  • Practical Computer Science: Computer Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Data Bases, Software Engineering

  • Technical Computer Science: System Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Networks.

  • Theoretical Computer Science: Discrete Mathematics; Computability and Complexity;

  • Mathematics: Applied Linear Algebra, Mathematical Methods for Engineers, Applied Stochastics Processes;

  • Data Science & AI: Practical Statistics for Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision;

The Fifth Element

In the design of our curriculum, we have made an extreme effort to allow students to spare a substantial amount of their time for activities beyond the classroom. Whether you would like to spend your time deepening your understanding of CS in our ACM Club,

Career perspectives

Computer Science at AU Engineering School is an outstanding degree program. Graduates of the program profit from their broad technical background and their interdisciplinary problem-solving skills. Their studies open the door to all fields in which computer-supported processes are used to develop innovative products. It offers a very broad range of specializations, such as software engineering, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing, just to name a few. Graduates of the program may work as

  • Software Engineer;

  • Data Scientist;

  • Computational Engineer;

  • all fields in which computer-supported processes are used to develop innovative product.