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Faculty Members

Here at AU, we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff. Whether it is academic staff, service staff, or administrative staff, we guarantee that the people working at AU is a certificate of great expertise.

To assure the high-quality standard of our staff, we are committed to the principles of Transparency, Merit, and Equality*.

  • Transparency: every step of the application process is automated, and the decisions are accessible to all members of the recruitment committee.

  • Equality: we consider every applicant equally regardless of nationality, religion, gender, or economic status.

  • Merit: we appreciate the professional experience, skills, and knowledge of applicants, as well as the distinguished intellectual and ethical qualities.

Prospectives students should go through the following steps to get admitted to AU

  1. Application form: Prospective students should undergo the registration process at the university’s special platform, filling in forms and uploading necessary files.

  2. Approvement: Once prospective students, submit their applications, the university staff will review the form. If all necessary information is provided correctly, the application will be approved. If there are shortcomings, the application will be rejected and prospective students should review their application and re-submit.

  3. Entrance exams: Prospective students, who successfully passed the registration process, will take entrance exams on the scheduled date. Exam dates are selected by the applicant during the registration process. Prospective students, who successfully pass the entrance exams, will be admitted to the AKFA University.